A Complete Online Guide To Achieve Healthy Weight Loss and Optimum Fitness.



A Complete Online Guide To Achieve Healthy Weight Loss and Optimum Fitness.

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First Date Ideas

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  • Promises2U ( 71 / M / Wyoming, MI )

    First date has to be at the location chosen by you to make sure you feel safe and comfortable being with me.

  • Esperant ( 64 / W / Newport Coast, CA )

    We will establish once we connect. For practical reasons I would like someone that would live closer to my area. Ultimately we desire to communicate and to spend time together, to share activities and togetherness even i...  read more>>

  • Agordon1982 ( 35 / M / Belize City, Belize )

    Candle light dinner for two, just me and you. Then we stroll the beautiful white beaches at one of the best location in the world, hand in hand.

  • Harrycorter ( 49 / M / Ontario, OR )

    Dinner and drinks and hot wild crazy

  • Lovebuggy ( 42 / W / Northridge, CA )

    I like to keep things simple. First dates are always awkward, regardless. So, perhaps a farmers market or a casual walk.

  • mifdancerr ( 45 / W / New York, NY )

    Bring me flowers :)

  • GreenEyesOnly4U ( 47 / W / Sudbury, ON )

    Something simple and low pressure.

  • rhiasoma ( 26 / W / Clio, MI )

    I'm not a girl that is difficult to please. The only thing I ask is that we get to know each other better.

  • WhatsForDessert ( 53 / W / Chicago, IL )

    Although I am a pretty independent modern woman who's done quite well taking charge and making decisions in life, I'd be much more turned on (hint hint) if you got a little ol fashioned and took the lead here...Ask me ou...  read more>>

  • ladylike221 ( 35 / W / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    my match will find the right suggestion for us...

  • Kissoflove1 ( 41 / W / Wellington, North Island )

    1. Sample treats at a food festival and walk the parade and take in the sunset and the artistic sculptures. 2. Dinner by the sea, seafood special, watch sunset and beach walk. 3. Dancing class together! 4. Dinner then se...  read more>>

  • B1GL0VE ( 57 / M / Coventry, England - West Midlands )

    Somewhere we can relax in cosy surroundings with a nice ambience and quiet enough to chat and become aquainted with each other. Also a meal and drink before a romantic walk or drive somewhere.

  • ElenaST ( 39 / W / Šilutė, Silutes Rajonas )

    I think its depend by my mood and situacion, location, weather and etc.

  • ImperfectlyAsIs ( 34 / W / Sacramento, CA )

    If he is creative then show me something unique but not secluded. Maybe a place that is fun/ romantic or sentimental to him. Maybe making something. I'm flexible with food as long as it taste decently good. If it feels r...  read more>>

  • Sabiine ( 34 / W / Riga, Riga )

    We have meeting on island and spending several wonderful days having nice food, enjoy nature and knowing each other better.


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